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Carboxylated butyronitrile Latex for immersing is a series of plastic dairy products to meet different needs for the development of latex, including dipping latex gloves and latex. The series of latex products with oil, wear.resistant, high strength and elongation of the characteristics. Third.generation immersion latex production technology has achieved industrial production, will lower the price advantage and good quality to replace imported products. As such latex elements in the chain introduced a group activity, so it has oil, solvent resistance, but also with sulphur, metal oxide cross-linking reaction, but also easy to film, Tuomo, and other characteristics.

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Carboxyl NBR latex is a kind of high-polymer dispersion emulsion polymerized by butadiene, and Acrylonitrile through advanced techniques. As a white thick emulsion in appearance, It is one of the popular raw materials in gloves dipping industry, it is used for producing working protection gloves and medical gloves.


Item Units Appearance
Appearance Milk white
Solid content % 42-46%
PH value Min 8.0
Viscidity mPa.s Max 260
Mechanical stability % Max 0.1


200kg plastic drums, 1000kg IBC, 20000kg Flexible Tank.

Transportation and Storage

Transportation and store between temperature of 0-40℃,protect from freezing and direct exposure to sunlight, keepcontainers closed when not used; Shelf life of 6 monthes fromproduction date under good storage condition.

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