• Magnesium Chloride Mgcl2 Hexahydrate

    Magnesium Chloride Mgcl2 Hexahydrate

    Products Description White or gray flaky, easily soluble in water. Being put in wet air, It’s easy to get itself wet. Decompose to hydrogen chloride and magnesium oxide in a high temperature. Product Technical Specification Product Details Item White Magnesium Chloride Common(Yellow) Magnesium Chloride CAS 7791-18-6 7791-18-6 Chemical Formula MgCl2.6H2O Purity As MgCl2 % 46 min. 44.5 min. Ca2+ % 0.15max. —— Sulfate(S042-)% 1....
  • Calcium Chloride 74% 96%

    Calcium Chloride 74% 96%

    Water Treatment Products Calcium Chloride

    Product Name Calcium Chloride 74% Calcium Chloride 94%
    CAS No. 10035-04-8 10043-52-4
    EINECS No. : 600-075-5 233-140-8
    Molecular formula CaCl2H4O2 CaCl2
    Purity 74% 94%
    Miolecular Weight 147.02 110.98
    Appearance white flake or granules white flake or granules
    hs code 28272010 28272090
  • Barium Carbonate

    Barium Carbonate

    Appearance: White powder

    Molecular formula: BaCO3

    Molecular weight: 197.35

    CAS NO.: 513-77-9

    EINECS NO.: 208-167-3

    HS CODE: 2836600000

  • Barium Nitrate

    Barium Nitrate

    Chemical name: Barium Nitrate Powder / Crystal

    Molecular Formula: Ba (NO3)2

    Molecule Weight: 261.34

    CAS NO.: 10022-31-8

    UN NO: 1446

    Hazard Class: 5.1

    Appearance: White Free Flowing Crystal or Powder

    HS number:2834299001

  • Strontium Carbonate

    Strontium Carbonate

    Appearance: white powder

    Grade: Industrial Grade

    Molecular Formula: SrCO3

    Molecular Weight: 147.62

    CAS NO: 1633-05-2

    HS code: 2836200000