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English name of sodium percarbonate: sodium percarbonate, referred to as SPC or PCs, commonly known as solid aquae hydrogenii dioxidi , is an addition compound of aquae hydrogenii dioxidi and sodium carbonate, and its effective active oxygen content is equivalent to 29% aquae hydrogenii dioxidiaquae hydrogenii dioxidi. Sodium percarbonate not only has the function of liquid aquae hydrogenii dioxidi, that is, it can quickly decompose and release reactive oxygen species at low water temperature, so as to realize the functions of bleaching, decontamination, sterilization, deodorization and oxygenation, but also the generated sodium carbonate can improve the pH value of water and improve the bleaching and washing effect. It has been widely used in all kinds of industrial and civil products.


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Sodium Percarbonate Powder Spc Factory Direct 99%Sodium Percarbonate Powder Spc Factory Direct 99%Sodium Percarbonate Powder Spc Factory Direct 99%Sodium Percarbonate Powder Spc Factory Direct 99%




Type I Standard Type
Type Ill Standard Type
Active Oxygen Content,% ≥ 13.5 11.0~13.0
Iron Content, mg/kg ≤ 15 15
Moisture,175ºC%  ≤ 2.0 2.0
Bulk Density, g/l 700~1100 750~850
pH pH Value ( 30g/l solution ) 10.0~11.0 10.0~11.0
( Distribution of Size ) ≥1.60mm ≤2.0% ≤2.0%
<0.15mm ≤3.0% ≤3.0%
(90ºC,24h )Heat Stability,% 72 72

Phosphate (P2 O3 ),%
0.8 0.8


It is gradually replacing sodium perborate in washing (washing powder, color bleaching powder, etc.), printing and dyeing, textile, papermaking and other fields; Colleagues, it can also be made into various nutrients and disinfectants for oxygen supply in fish ponds, industrial wastewater treatment, medical treatment / first aid, etc. it has become an important raw material for international environmental protection cleaning products. Compared with encapsulated sodium percarbonate, non encapsulated sodium percarbonate has the characteristics of high active oxygen and fast oxygen release rate. It is more suitable for the production of oxygen bleaching powder, color bleaching powder and oxygenant.

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