Potassium Chloride(MOP)

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Potassium Chloride (MOP),Potassium Fertilizer,High-Potassium Plant Food,Water-Soluble Nutrient Source,Agricultural Potassium Supplement,Muriate of Potash,Potassium Chloride Granules,Balanced NPK Fertilizer,Potassium-Rich Soil Amendment,Crop-Specific Potassium Blend

Brand Name FIZA
CAS No. 7447.40-.7
EINECS No. 231-211-8
Molecular formula KCL
Miolecular Weight 210.38
Appearance White powder or Granular

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Item Powder Granular Crystal
Content% 98%min 98%min 99%min
K20% 60%min 60%min 62%min
Moisture 2.0%ma× 1.5%ma× 1.5%max
Ca+Mg% - - 1.2%maX
Water Insoluble - - 0.1%max


Agricultural potassium chloride usually from sylvine.carnallite or in brine containing potassium chloride extraction,physiological acid fertilizer.soluble in water.fertilizer effect quickly,as a basic fertilizer and fertilizer.fertilizer is unfavorable for seed manure and at the base. Because contain chloride(CI-),is generally not used to avoid chlorine crops such as potatoes, sweet potatoes,sugar beet,citrus,tobacco and grapes,etc.,so as not to affect the product quality. Chlorine has promote the photosynthesis,used for hemp and cotton and other fiber crops,can improve the fiber quality.Potassium chloride in low base saturation of applying neutral soil and acidic soil.with lime and the organic prevent soil acidification.Should not be applied in heavy saline soil,to prevent chloride accumulate bad for plant growth.


9.5KG,25KG.50KG.1000KG standard export package,woven PP bag with PE liner


Store at a cool,dry and well ventilated place.


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