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Compound fertilizer is a type of fertilizer containing two kinds or above of nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium three elements.The appearance is generally granular.the colors are different due to different production processes.The main raw material have Ammonium sulphate,Chloride, Urea,Potassium sulfate.Potassium chloride.Monoammonium phosphate,and so on. Currently,our production technology includes:spray granulation,steam granulation,etc

Application and usage

Compound fertilizer can be used for corn,wheat,rice,tea,tobacco.potassium sulfate fertilizer of fruit trees.vegetables and so on.It can be used as basic fertilizer,seed fertilizer and topdressing.Fertilizing amount depends on many factors such as soil fertility,crop species.


We can produce various proportion of N-P-K according to the requests of users.Eg:
N-P-K nutrient formulation:15-15-1520-20-030-10-518-22-618-25-520-25-525-10-530-4-6 30-10-520-15-1018-22-516-24-619-21-0etc.

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