Diammonium Phosphate(DAP)

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Brand Name FIZA
CAS No. 7783-28-0
EINECS No. 231-987-8
Molecular formula (NH4)2HPO4
Miolecular Weight 132.06
Appearance Yellow.Dark brown ,Green granular

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Item Data
Total N% 18.0%min
P205% 46.0%min
P205%(Water Soluble): 39%min
Moisture 2.0%max
Size 1.4.75mm90%min


Fertilizer Grade used as high concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus compound fertilizer
.Industrial-grade for impregnated wood and fabric in order to increase its durability:As a dry powder,fluorescent lamp with the p;Also used for printing plate,tube,ceramic,enamel,such as manufacturing,wastewater biochemical treatment;Military industry as rocket engine motor insulation flame retardant.


10KG,20KG,50KG,500KG.1000KG.standard export package,woven PP bag with PE liner


Store at a cool,dry and well ventilated place.

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