Potassium Sulphate(SOP)

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Brand Name FIZA
CAS No. 7778-80-5
EINECS No. 231-915-5
Molecular formula K2S04
Miolecular Weight 174.24
Appearance White powder or Granular

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Item Powder Granular (1-4.75mm) Powder
K20% 50%min 50%min 52%min
S% 17%min 17%min 17%min
Cl< 0.015 0.015 0.015
Moisture 1.5%max 1.5%max 1.0%max


SOP could be used as base fertilizer,after fertilizer for root. SOP could be used to all kinds of plants.Especially useful for Cruciferous vegetables. In Avoid chlorine crops,better use SOP. “In acid soil,SOP should Cooperate with organic manure,lime.In badly ventilated environment, we should use little.


9.5KG.25KG.50KG.1000KG standard export package.woven PP bag with PE liner


Store at a cool.dry and well ventilated place.

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