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BB fertilizer is one of compound fertilizer,full name is bulk-blended fertilizer. It will have a single fertilizer or several kinds of granular compound fertilizer according to certain proportion mixing and become a kind of compound fertilizer.

Applications and Advantages

1.Nutrient comprehensive and high concentration.Generally.its total nutrient is more than 52%. the nutrient ratio is based on considering the characteristics of crop fertilizer,referring to local soil nutrient conditions.It is scientific and targeted.
2.Convenient processing.low production cost,no pollution.
3.Formulation is flexible and convenient.can be changed according to soil fertility and crops production levels.
4.Blended fertilizer is as both basic fertilizer and topdressing,it usually top-dressed,inapplicable to deep soil layers.Fertilizer efficiency has no much difference from compound fertilizer.


Note:We can produce various proportion of N-P-K as different requirements,Eg.
N-P.K nutrient formulation:15-15-1517-17-1730-10-519-22.1028-8-618-24-620-20-026-8-830-10-528-8-5,16-20-012-12.17etc.

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