Mono Ammonium Phosphate(MAP)

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Brand Name FIZA
CAS No. 7722-76-1
EINECS No. 231-764-5
Molecular formula NH4 H2P04
Miolecular Weight 115.03
Appearance White crystal,off white granular



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Item MAP12-61-0 MAP11-44-0 MAP11-49-0 MAP10-50-0
Total N% 12.0%min 11.0%min 11.0%min 10.0%max
P205% 61.0%min 44.0%min 49.0%min 50.0%max
Moisture 1.0%max 1.5%max 1.5%max 1.5%max
Water Insoluble 0.1%max - - -


Used as prevention agent.also used in printing plate making.medicine and other industries.


25KG standard export package,woven PP bag with PE liner


Store at a cool,dry and well ventilated place.

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