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Water Soluble Fertilizer,WSF,is a compound fertilizer can be completely soluble in water easily absorbing by corps.The more important point,it can be applied in spray irrigation,realizes the integration of water and fertilizer to save labor.
People can be designed the ratio according to the crops demanded for the nutrition Scientific formula won’t cause waste of fertilizer,instead can make the fertilizer utilization ratio more 2-3 times than normal compound fertilizer.

Feature -function

Fast Absorption,High Efficiency:100%water-soluble,after spraying,can take a long time on for fully absorption,utilization. Strongly Stress Resistance:Improving the content of chlorophyll,enhancing the speed rate of photosynthesis,increasing vitality,delaying senescence,enhancing disease-resistant,drought resistant,cold resistance and lodging-resistant. Increase Production and Quality:After fertilizing,make the leaves green,big,expand.increase flower and protect fruit,improve maturing rate,promote growth.advancing maturity.apparently.
increase the sugar content,and fragrance,color and production quality.
Environmental Protection:No harmful matter,Nontoxic,No pollution,No residual.


Range Of Application
Fruit Tree,Fruits,Vegetables,Field Crops.Potatoes.Flowers,Gardens etc.


We can produce various proportion of N-P-K as different requirements,Eg.N-P.K nutrient formulation:15-15-1517-17-1730-10-519-22.1028-8-618-24-620-20-026-8-830-10-528-8-5,16-20-012-12.17etc.

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