Single Super Phosphate(SSP)

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Brand Name FIZA
CAS No. 10031-30-8
EINECS No. 231-837.1
Molecular formula Ca(H2P04)2.H20
Miolecular Weight 252.07
Appearance Grey granular

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Item Specification 1 Specification 2
Total P205% 18.0%min 16.0%min
P205%(Water Soluble): 16%min 14%min
Moisture 5.0%max 5.0%max
Free Acid: 5.0%max 5.0%max
Size 1-4.75mm 90%min Powder 1-4.75mm 90%min Powder


Mainly used as crop fertilizer.basal or seed manure application;Suitable for all kinds of crops,more applicable to alkaline soil.slightly alkaline soil and neutral soil,should not be mixed with lime,plant ash and other basic fertilizer application.Not only can promote crop growth and development,but also can make the plant ability of disease resistance,drought resistance,early maturity.lodging.not easily to cotton,sugar beet,sugar cane,wheat has significant effect to increase production. The product as a supplement of calcium,phosphorus in feed processing.


50KG standard export package,woven PP bag with PE liner


Store at a cool,dry and well ventilated place.

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