Manganese Sulphate

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Product Name: Manganese Feed Grade 98% Min Monohydrate Manganese Sulphate

CAS No.: 10034-96-5, 7785-87-7


EINECS No.: 232-089-9

HS CODE: 2833299090

Content: Mn 31.8% , Water-insoluble Matter≤0.05%

Appearance: Pinky powder or granule,

Molecular weight: 169.02

Purity: 99%

UN No.: 3077

Grade Standard: Agriculture Grade, Electron Grade, Food Grade, Industrial Grade, feed

Supply Ability: 50 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month

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MnSO4.H2O manganese sulphate monohydrate powder is one of the most important micro-nutrients fertilizer, which can be used for base fertilizer, seed-presoaking, seed-dressing and foliage-spraying to promote crops growth, increase yields and engage in the synthesis of chlorophyll. In animal husbandry and feed industry, it is used as a feed additive to promote animal growth and fatten the livestock.


Manganese sulphate mono powder Manganese sulphate mono granular
Item Specification Item Specification
Mn % Min 32.0 Mn % Min 31
Pb % Max 0.002 Pb % Max 0.002
As % Max 0.001 As % Max 0.001
Cd % Max 0.001 Cd % Max 0.001
Size 60 mesh Size 2~5mm granular

Manganese Sulphate Application

(1)   Manganese sulphate is used as a porcelain glaze, as a fertilizer additive and as a catalyst. It is added to soils to promote plant growth, especially of citrus crops

(2)  Manganese sulphate is a good reducing agent for manufacturing paints, varnish driers.

(3)  Manganese sulphate is used in textile dyes, fungicides, medicines and ceramics.

(4) In foods, manganese sulphate is used as a nutrient and dietary supplement.

(5)  Manganese sulphate is also used in ore flotation, as a catalyst in viscose process and in synthetic manganese dioxide.

(6)  In veterinary medicine, manganese sulphate is used as a nutritional factor and in the prevention of perosis in poultry.


Net weight 25kg, 50kg,1000kg or according to customer’s requirement.

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