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Chemical name: Polyacrylamide (Polyscrylamide)

CAS No.: 25085-02-3

MF: (C3H5NO)n

EINECS No.: 203-750-9

Molecular Weight: 71.0785

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Polyacrylamide is a linear polymer, the product is mainly divided into dry powder and colloidal two forms. According to its average molecular weight, it can be divided into low molecular weight (<1 million), medium molecular weight (2 ~4 million) and high molecular weight (>.7 million).According to its structure can be divided into non - ionic, anion and cationic. Water disintegration (HPAM) of anion type. The main chain of polyacrylamide contains a large number of amide groups, with high chemical activity, and can be modified to produce many derivatives of polyacrylamide. The products have been widely used in papermaking, mineral processing, oil extraction, metallurgy, building materials, sewage treatment and other industries. As a lubricant, suspension agent, clay stabilizer, oil displacement agent, water loss reducing agent and thickening agent, polyacrylamide has been widely used in drilling, acidification, fracturing, water plugging, cementing, secondary oil recovery and tertiary oil recovery.


Production name Cationic Polyacrylamide Anionic Polyacrylamide Nonionic Polyacrylamide
Melecular weight(Million) 10-12 3-25 3-25
Ionization Degree 5%-60% / /
Hydrolysis Degree / 15%-30% 0-5%
Solid content(%) >90%
PH 4-9 4-12 4-12
Dissolution time <90Min
Remaining monomer(%) <0.1


1.printing and dyeing wastewater treatment

Printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, instead of traditional low molecule coagulants, relative to the traditional large dosage of coagulant, the coagulation efficiency is high, optimum ph conditions as follows: 8.0.

2.Papermaking wastewater treatment

Papermaking wastewater treatment, which is used as coagulant instead of polyaluminum chloride, aluminum sulfate, etc., can also be used as dewatering of papermaking sludge.


25kgs net kraft bag with pp bag inside, or 1000kgs bulk bags.

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