Sodium Isopropyl Xanthate

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Brand Name FIZA Purity ≥90%
CAS No. 25306-75-6 Miolecular Weight 172.24
EINECS No. 246-805-2 Appearance pale yellow granule
Molecular formula C5H9NaOS2 Other Names sodium o-isobutyl dithiocarbonate

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SIPX 90% 85% is a collector strong, selective non-ferrous metal sulfide ores better collector, widely used in copper, molybdenum, zinc sulfide flotation of auriferous iron ore flotation collectors better. For gold and copper-gold gold recovery rate has obvious advantages for refractory copper-lead oxide ore can obtain satisfactory results. Commonly used in the rougher and scavenger flotation process


Variety / project Dry goods Synthetics
Active ingredients%, ≥ 90 85
Free base%, ≤ 0.2 0.5
Water and volatile matter%, ≤ 4 10
Solubility Soluble in water free of impurities


The collection ability of sodium isopropyl xanthate in flotation of non-ferrous metal sulfide ore is slightly stronger than that of ethyl xanthate. It is mainly used as a collector for flotation of various non-ferrous metal sulfide ores, and can also be used as a precipitator for hydrometallurgy; Also used as a rubber vulcanization accelerator.


800kg/Wooden box (Capacity of per 20′FCL: 20 wooden boxes,totally 16mt)
850kg/Wooden box (Capacity of per 20′FCL: 20 wooden boxes,totally 17mt)
900kg/Wooden box (Capacity of per 20′FCL: 20 wooden boxes,totally 18mt)
120kg/Iron drum (Capacity of per 20′FCL: 134 drums,totally 16.08mt)
180kg/Iron drum (Capacity of per 20′FCL: 80 drums,totally 14.4mt)


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