Sodium Ethylxanthogenate

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Brand Name FIZA Purity ≥85% ≥90%
CAS No. 140-90-9 Miolecular Weight 144.19
EINECS No. 205-440-9 Appearance slight yellow or grey yellow free flowing powder
Molecular formula C3H5NaOS2 Other Names Sodium O-Ethyl Dithiocarbonate

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Sodium ethyl xanthate is a collector with better selectivity,widely applied in foatation of Cu/Zn/Ne and prite,especially for the gold floatation in gold and copper mine.It could make good rusult in the copper and lead oxidized ore.normally used in rough selecting and scavenging.


Xanthate pruity % min. 90 ≥ 84.0
Free alkali % max. 0.2 ≤ 0.4
Moisture & volatile % max 4 ≤ 10.0


It is shortest carbon chain of the xanthates, It is most useful on sulphide ore and complex ore for maximum selectivity, and .It  is used as a vulcanisation accelerator for the rubber industry and a precipitant in the wetting metallurgical industry.


800kg/Wooden box (Capacity of per 20′FCL: 20 wooden boxes,totally 16mt)
850kg/Wooden box (Capacity of per 20′FCL: 20 wooden boxes,totally 17mt)
900kg/Wooden box (Capacity of per 20′FCL: 20 wooden boxes,totally 18mt)
120kg/Iron drum (Capacity of per 20′FCL: 134 drums,totally 16.08mt)
180kg/Iron drum (Capacity of per 20′FCL: 80 drums,totally 14.4mt)



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