Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate

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Brand Name FIZA Purity ≥90%
CAS No. 25306-75-6 Miolecular Weight 172.24
EINECS No. 246-805-2 Appearance pale yellow granule
Molecular formula C5H9NaOS2 Other Names sodium o-isobutyl dithiocarbonate

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Purity: 90% min
Free Alkali: 0.2% max
Moisture and Volatile: 4.0% max


Sodium isobutyl xanthate is also a stronger collector in the flotation of various nonferrous metallic sulfide ores. Sodium isobutyl xanthate is mainly used in the flotation of copper, lead, zinc ect. sulfide ores. It has displayed especially effective in the flotation of copper ores and of pyrites in natural circuits.


800kg/Wooden box (Capacity of per 20′FCL: 20 wooden boxes,totally 16mt)
850kg/Wooden box (Capacity of per 20′FCL: 20 wooden boxes,totally 17mt)
900kg/Wooden box (Capacity of per 20′FCL: 20 wooden boxes,totally 18mt)
120kg/Iron drum (Capacity of per 20′FCL: 134 drums,totally 16.08mt)
180kg/Iron drum (Capacity of per 20′FCL: 80 drums,totally 14.5mt)






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