Fire Assay Flux

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Appearance  Yellow Powder
Applicaton   Used to Make Assay Flux

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Flux powder is a blend of predominantly dry ingredients that includes litharge, dense soda ash, borax and other ingredients, with a high level of quality control at each stage of production. It comes packaged tailored to your requirements with prompt international shipping. Consultation is available upon request.

High level of Quality Control at each stage of production

Packaged to your requirement

Prompt international shipping

Consultation available as needed.

Flux is a dry reagent used as a key ingredient in the fire assay process. The composition of the flux should be adapted to suit the matrix of the sample being tested. Fluxes are combined with mineral samples containing precious metals and then heated in a furnace to initiate a fusion process precipitating a Lead (Pb) button. Further treatment of this Lead button through the process of cupellation produces a prill containing the precious metals that were present in the original sample. From this point, the assayer can decide on any number of methods to establish a precise breakdown of the precious metals. This method of mineral testing produces results that are so precise they can be specified in parts per billion.

Fire Assay Flux is available with a wide selection of ingredients, although the most common globally are Litharge, Soda Ash, Borax, Baking Flour/Corn meal, Silica Flour and Silver Nitrate. The Litharge is available in both powder and granular form and in different grades of purity to suit your application. Fiza will always provide the ingredients to give you the right result at the lowest possible price.

Flux Recipes

Typically, Fiza will produce Flux to a very specific, customer-supplied recipe. Usually the raw materials include Litharge, Soda Ash Dense, Borax, Baking Flour/Corn meal, Silica Flour and Silver Nitrate. For the quality items of these materials.



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